How to build a wooden shelving unit ?

Build your wooden library
The components the tools

Here are the parts you need to build a wooden shelving unit:

  • Planks of wood (pine for exemple)
  • ROCKET bichromate steel wood and chipboard screws 4×40 (star or pozidriv)
  • A cordless impact
  • Square
  • Meter
  • A circular saw or jigsaw



The 5 key stages

1 - Cutting your planks
Cut the planks following the dimensions on the blueprint

2 - Plotting marks
Use the 336mm plank as a guide to transfer this length to the large 400mm planks. This mark will allow you to fix the board vertically.

3 - Construction of crates
Attach the small vertical planks to a large plank that serves as the base for each box.

4 - Assembly of the crates
Fix a box on another box by inverting the longer sides for a design effect.

5 - Fixing the top plank
Fix the top plank on the last box.

To know in detail all the steps, download the tutorial




Some advices

What type of wood should you use for your project ?

The type of wood you use will depend on the style you want for your room.

> Solid wood is perfect for a rustic look

> Raw timber in dark shades perfect for an industrial look,

> while oak can help create a contemporary look, provided it is used sparingly.

On more expensive and relatively hard wood such as oak, we would advise pre-drilling so as to avoid any mishaps.


Which thread to choose ?

Partially threaded screws are best-suited to this type of work. These get close to the wood, ensuring better tightening since the screw is freely able to turn and slide.

However, make sure the thread is properly in place in order to achieve the desired effect. The non-threaded section of the screw must be shorter than the thickness of the wood.


ROCKET BICHROMATE STEEL WOOD AND CHIPBOARD SCREWS = Cutting-edge technology that makes a difference

The technical characteristics of ROCKET screws (slim, sharpened point; ribbed thread; hard-wearing triple cone), allied to their physical characteristics (high-quality steel, thermal treatment, dry lubrication, etc.) make these high-quality screws.

ROCKET screws deliver performance levels that are significantly higher than with standard screws, ticking all the boxes: initial grip, break resistance, non-splitting and durability.


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