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On this page you will find all our videos (presentation of the range, our “Words from the Pro’s”, our tutorials on wooden constructions that can easily be made at home, our DIY advice, current trends, etc.).

Words from the pro's

Interior design of a shop with Atelier 110 in Bordeaux (33)

Renovation of a frame with Les Charpentiers du Haut Beaujolais

Construction of a piece of furniture in Les Ateliers de la Reiniere in Nice (06)

Construction of an enclosure at the Domaine des Fauves zoo in Les Abrets (38)

Construction of a bowl in the Darwin skatepark in Bordeaux (33)

Construction of sets in France TV studios in Vandargues (34)

Renovation of a framework - Château du Courros

Our ranges

Our ROCKET wood and chipboard screws for the handyman

DIY Tutorial

Build a patio ?

Build a wooden planter

Build a wooden shelf

DIY Tips

How to choose the diameter and length of a screw?

What is the difference between partial and full thread ?

What is the difference between star and pozi drive ?

Inspiration and current trend

Wooden decoration ideas for Christmas