How to build a wooden planter ?

wooden planter - stainless steel rocket screw construction
The components the tools

Here are the parts you need to build a wooden planter :

  • Planks of treated wood (able to cope with bad weather): In our case we bought decking boards.
  • Wooden battens
  • 4×50/30 ROCKET A2 stainless steel wood and chipboard screws
  • Garden sheeting
  • A screw gun
  • A jigsaw
  • a bracket
  • a meter
  • Garden sheeting
  • A cordless impact



The 6 key stages

1 - Cutting the planks
Cut the planks following the dimensions on the blueprint

2 - Creation of the base of the planter
Fix 3 large planks on bracket

3 - Creation of short sides
Fix 3 small blades on cleats. Operation to be repeated a second time.

4 - Fixing the long sides
Fix the rest of the planks to the edges of the sides of the planter.

5 - Fixing the base
Fix the base to the planter

6 - Finishing the planter
Staple a tarp to the planter. Make holes for water drainage.

To know in detail all the steps download the tutorial




Some advices

What type of wood should you use for your project ?

  • Tropical timber is well-suited to damp environments, making it the ideal choice for your construction project. Naturally rot-resistant, it is extremely hard-wearing and requires little maintenance. However, this type of wood mostly comes from Asia or the Amazon, meaning you must make sure that the forests it comes from are managed in an environmentally responsible way.
  • A good alternative to tropical timber is European timber (such as ash, chestnut, oak or pine) that has been thermally modified.
  • Composite lumber is very easy to look after.

In any case, we would recommend pre-drilling prior to fixing your boards to the joist, as outlined in the French construction industry standards.


Which screw length to choose?

Bear in mind that the longer and thicker the screw, the better the screw anchoring and the more hard-wearing it will be.

Screws should never be longer than what you are screwing them into, and should be no shorter than three times the dimensions of the object being screwed.  2/3 of the thread will go into the fixed part and 1/3 into the part you are screwing in place.



ROCKET A2 stainless steel wood and chipboard screws – a high-tech solution for your outdoor projects

Outdoor wooden structures such as patios, cladding and fences require the use of treated or tropical wood in order to cope with bad weather or other vagaries.

You also have to pay particular attention when putting these sorts of structures together. At ROCKET we have developed a range of stainless steel screws, available in pozidriv and star head, which retain their levels of performance and design when used outdoors.


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