Why build your home out of wood ?

Discover the advantages of wood for housing construction: renewable material, thermal comfort, fire resistance, insulation, etc.

Advantages of wood construction
The 3 advantages of wood for housing construction

Although its use is still marginal in the construction sector, wood could be a material of the future. Renewable, efficient and easy to use, it offers many advantages for the creation of healthier and more sustainable housing.

A material in favor of the ecological transition

Like straw or cellulose wadding, its use is therefore encouraged by the public authorities in order to limit the environmental impact of the construction sector. It must be said that wood has two main advantages in this area.

Namely: 23% is the share of greenhouse gas emissions for which the building sector is responsible in France (1).

A guarantee of performance and comfort

Due to its intrinsic qualities, wood also contributes to the performance of construction, both in terms of insulation, resistance and living comfort.

The firefighters’ regulations authorize them to intervene longer in a burning building if it is made of wood because this material is particularly stable in fire (2).

Easier and faster construction

If the use of wood is growing for the construction of housing, both individual and collective, it is also because it is easier to use than its counterparts, thus making it possible to optimize the site.

Namely: 6.5% is the share of wood construction in the housing market in 2020 (3).

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