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Nous vous l’annoncions en début d’année, ROCKET est en cours de relocalisation en France. Les machines continuent d’arriver progressivement sur notre site.
standard "NF-EN-14592"

The NF EN 14592 standard for screws and bolts in wooden structures ?

As a carpenter or joiner, the screws and bolts you use on load-bearing wooden structures must comply with standard NF EN 14592. This certifies that the fasteners used meet minimum requirements...

DTU-31.1 reglementation for frame

Wooden structures: a closer look at NF DTU 31.1

Although not a mandatory regulation, NF DTU 31.1 is crucial when it comes to designing and building wooden structures. Outlining technical guidelines and specifications...

"RGE" logo

How can joiners and carpenters get the RGE label ?

The RGE label (Reconnu garant de l'environnement, a French initiative that recognises tradespeople for being environmentally friendly) is open to joiners and carpenters. Discover the advantages...

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