Whatever the job,

Rocket has a range of screws to suit !




ROCKET uses highly sophisticated technology in the manufacture of its fixing product, with no room for imprecision or guess-work.

Any professional knows that a secure fixing can only be achieved via a well-designed product that can be accurately screwed. This is what ROCKET is all about.

We have reinvented every aspect of the screw to create the range of ROCKET screws, right form the tapered point with anti-splitting notch, the angled thread, and the double cone head with its 6 notches, to the star head on top of the screw. ROCKET screws can penetrate wood quickly and efficiently, saving time by obviating the need for drilling and by preventing the wood from splitting.

Various versions of ROCKET screws now exist to suit a range of materials, such as wood, plasterboard, chipboard etc... ROCKET screws also come in anti-corrosion steel and stainless steel for damp or out door environments. As well as the widespread Pozi head, the Star head ensures smooth transmission of the screwing torque for a professional result every time.

ROCKET is constantly innovating as a result of the work carried out by its engineers, who consult regularly with professionals in the field. Numerous innovative products are currently in the pipeline.



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